2020 1/14 Crypto news 

Crypto market volume

BTC $8427 +4.24%

ETH $147 +3.07%

XRP $0.21 +3.11%


IMO 0.027 +3.69%

COMM 0.091 +1.27%

XLA 0.038 +0,87%







・中国政府、公共ブロックチェーンを活用したアプリ“Beijing Tong”が500万ダウンロード突破、このアプリは身分証、郵便番号検索、料金支払い、役所訪問予約などが可能になる。


Hot News

・BTC mining difficulty will adjustment on tomorrow. If difficulty become over 10%, BTC market prices fall.


・XRP prices have fallen moderately in the long run. The XRP market price become less than $0.020041, it will prices fall. However, XRP market price become over $0.20041, it will get back momentum. 


・China government release public blockchain for the domestic and it called “Beijing Tong”. This application already downloaded over 5 million. The application can use to ID, check address, payment and make appointment for city office.




・ BTC挖矿难整将从明天开始。当度超10,是否必须谨待市价格下跌点?


・ XRP的市价格一直于停滞状,并且期以来一直在逐下降。预计将大幅下跌至低于0.020041美元,但有可能重新0.20041美元以上的势头


・使用中国政府公共区块链用程序Beijing Tong的下量已超500万,该应用程序将能在政府机关行身份编码搜索,付款和预订


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