The above picture shows the BTC daily line level chart. After falling from November 8, the K line continues to oscillate above the MA30, but as the MA5 moves down, the price of the coin continues to be suppressed by the MA5, in the 1 hour and 4 hour charts. MACD runs below the zero axis, and the RSI turns downwards, indicating weakness. In the 4 hours chart, the BOLL trend is downward, so the trend is not optimistic in the short term, and there is a risk of further decline. In the short term, the top pressure is $9000, and the bottom is $8,600.

Operational recommendations: Spot short-term can rebound and lighten up, wait for the fall to buy, long-term continue to hold.



The current market for ETH is still oscillating around $185. Even if the BTC fell yesterday, the impact of Ethereum was small. In the past two months, it has continued to fluctuate within the 180-195 range. The significance of spot operations is not great. Futures operations can be carried out in a 4-hour Bollinger Band and in a shock.

From the technical indicators, the K line continues to run above the BOLL mid-rail and multiple moving averages, and the support below the $180 position is strong. In the 4 hours chart, the K line has been in the ascending channel, but the current pie chart is unstable and ETH is easily collapsed by the market, so it is expected that market trends will continue to be bitcoin linked. In the short term, the maximum pressure is $190 and the support is $180.

Operational recommendations: medium and long-term lines will continue to be maintained, short-term positions can be reduced, and then bought near 180



BCH still has three days, although the recent trend is stronger than Bitcoin, but Bitcoin will not choose to break through, BCH is also difficult to make a major breakthrough, plus the previous practice: after the good news, it will fall A A round, so the market trend continues to contact Bitcoin. In the short term, the maximum pressure is $300 and the minimum pressure is $284.

Operational recommendations: Spot short-term rallies to reduce the position, wait for the decline to stabilize and then low-suck. The long line continues to hold the currency to rise.



EOS has performed well recently. In the 4 hour chart, the K line runs in the ascending channel. However, when Bitcoin is unstable, it is difficult to get out of the independent market. Therefore, the latter market is basically linked to Bitcoin. In the short term, the above pressure is $3.50. The support below is $3.35.

【Disclaimer: The above analysis is only for personal judgment, only for academic discussion, and does not constitute investment advice!】