2020 1/10 Crypto news 

Crypto market volume

BTC $7815 -1.12%

ETH $136 -0.87%

XRP $0.2 -1.37%


IMO 0.024 +2.56%

COMM 0.09 +5.12%

DESK 0.0084 +2.92%



IMO 香港ゴールデンイーグルキャピタルから$500万ドルの追加投資





BTC のシュノア署名とTaprootの2つのアップデートの実装準備が技術的に完了、今年中にソフトフォークで実装か




Hot News

・IMO receives $ 5 million of additional investment from Hongkong golden eagle capital.


・the US president thinking to collision avoidance to Iran and its make to weak market for BTC. Impact of Iran in the future is limited.


・BTC has 2 type of update (Schnorr and Taproot) technically ready for mounting. These updates will come in this year by soft fork.


・Binace announce about compatible with 3 country of fiat currency for Czech, Bulgaria and Rumania.






・ BTC具有两种更新型(Schnorr和Taproot),技上已可以安装。些更新将在今年通过软布。


・ Binace宣布与捷克,保加利罗马的3个法定货币兼容的国家。


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