2020 1/16 Crypto news 

Crypto market volume

BTC $8632 -1.5%

ETH $159 -1.03%

XRP $0.22 -4.51%


IMO $0.029 +0.97%

DESK 0.008 +3.48%

XLA $0.039% +1.24%







・米国、ライト氏と故デイブ クレイマン氏の遺族の間で起こったマイニング報酬の訴訟問題で、裁判所は遺族側に110BTCの支払い判決をライト氏に言い渡した。また、ライト氏は保管用の鍵を保有している。今後、判決で支払われるBTCの市場への売り圧が注目されている。


Hot News

・BTCSV was drastic soaring in yesterday, however now the BTCSV market price Fall to -26%. Also, major cryptocurrency market price is fall too. BTC is hold market price. Now Altcoin market price is rising and some of analysts consider it unclear


・Oral argument on XRP securities issues was held in 1/15. Contents of oral argument are Ripple demands dismissal in lawsuit. The decision will make future legal developments evident at later day.


・Litigation between Dr. Wright and David Kleiman`s family about Mining rewards in the US. The ruling of this trial is Dr. Wright need to payment 1.1 million BTC for David Kleiman`s family. And Dr. Wright has Key for BTC storage. In the future, attention will be paid to the selling pressure of BTC on the market paid by the judgment.


昨天飙升的BTCSV在16日下跌了26%,主要的加密货币也失去了动力并下跌。 BTC的市场价格与前一日相比为-1%,山寨币的市场价格也在上涨,但分析师表示,山寨币上涨的原因尚不清楚。




-在涉及赖特(Wright)与已故的戴夫·克莱曼(Dave Clayman)家庭在美国之间的采矿费的诉讼案件中,法院已向赖特(Wright)支付了110万比特币给该家庭。 Wright还具有一个存储密钥。将来,将通过判决来关注BTC在市场上的卖压。



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