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The biggest risk of investing is not knowing what you are doing. A person without a goal will eventually achieve the goal for others; a person without a plan will eventually be planned by others. The biggest enemy of trading is not others but ourselves! ————Nine years

I will wait for you with me for nine years.

Today is an important day in the investment community, because today is the day when Jia Nan Zhizhi went to the US to list Nasdaq. As a currency circle, this is very important. After all, this is in the blockchain. The first share, plus more than 30% of the users of the currency circle are friends from the previous stock market, including nine years of their own, then this news will have a big impact in the stock market! ! !

We will come to talk about it today. First of all, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi I believe that most of them are clear. People who may come in behind the contactless mining machine may not know what he is doing.

Jia Nan Zhi Zhi is a company in Hangzhou, doing mining machines, right, it is mining! !

Nine years ago, I had a mining machine, but at that time it was a s9 mining machine. The two most powerful ones in the mining machine industry were Bit China. One was Jianan Zhizhi. Relatively speaking, Bit China was famous. After all, There is a Wu Jihan celebrity effect here, but it is undeniable that Jia Nan Zhi Zhi is worse. The founder of Jia Nan Zhi Zhi is the forerunner of the earliest FPGA mining machine. From the market share, Bit China is the first. This is beyond doubt. There are even 51% of the entire network of the rumors of the mainland, although I do not know the true and false, but this undoubtedly illustrates the position of Bitian in the mining machine market, then the most powerful of Jia Nan is his new film technology. . Therefore, the listing of these two giants is good for the entire market!

So what impact or benefit will this listing bring to the entire industry? Let's take a good look:

1. It is also a consultation in the world of coins. I moved directly in nine years.

   Blockchain expert Cheng Xiaoming: You can go public in the US through Jianan Zhizhi and observe the attitude of the Chinese government towards this industry.

    On the afternoon of November 21st, Dr. Cheng Xiaoming, Ph.D. and blockchain expert of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said at the event that everyone is concerned about the listing of the company at this time. In fact, it is not entirely because the company itself is more concerned about the securities market. The attitude of the blockchain-related companies, the attitude towards the development of the blockchain industry, especially the attitude of the securities regulatory authorities of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and then the Chinese government's attitude towards the industry. If it is a company in the general industry, let alone go to the US, even if you go to the moon, I am afraid that there is not such a big concern.

2. In the past few days, an anonymous mine account transferred more than 20 million US dollars of btc a day. Is this a preparation for today's listing? This is worthy of scrutiny, or the results will come out at night!

3. The listing of Jia Nan Zhizhi is definitely a good incentive for the whole industry, especially the recent shock market, but it must be a certain threat to Bit China. After all, they are all mining machines. The two giants in the market, some aspects of competition are inevitable.

In general, this listing has a super-promoting effect on the entire blockchain industry, bringing activity to the relevant derivative markets, including some funds!

In the past nine years, I have been striving to bring better thinking to everyone. It is better to teach people to fish than to give people a fish. The thinking is definitely higher than a simple trading point. The road to bear market is still very long. I hope to grow with everyone and grow together. , to meet the opportunity of the bull market, learn to self-stop profit, avoid risks, things are their own in their own brains!

                                    Market analysis



8000 did not support, or it came down. At present, around 7900, there is no support for one hour and four hours. The Bollinger Band has signs of expansion, but the daily line is still in the lower lane of the Bollinger Band of the daily line. Ok, but it's useless. After all, this is a long-term benefit. Strong support underneath 7300 Here is the support of the weekly level. Although it is down now, the problem is not big. The support of No. 9.25 in front is 7700. As long as it does not break down here, it will not go down, then the operation can now be small, the steady person is More than 7700 near the single entry, if the 7700 did not stabilize below, see 7300 this year is almost



Yesterday, the chip-intensive area 170 is now tested to be relatively hard compared to the pie, and it will be good in December. The radicals can enter the market directly at the 170 position. Big, around the shock interval operation said yesterday



Now that it has fallen below 3.0, you can wait and see. The grapefruit will become weak as long as it is 3.0, unless you wait for 3.0 again.

                                     Currency selection

HT: Just take it, wait for the stop signal to come out and look for the operation.

Ltc: Yesterday's lower rail support has been broken, the whole market is like this, so now it will take a long time to stop falling, below support 48

BCH: 239 small support, you can blog here a small multi-list, just pick it up, and break it to stop the loss.

Limited to the level, more than nine years of view is for reference only, not as an investment basis

Nine years of bragging

The nine-year contract team has a train every day, and more than once, the spot is also recommended! Every day, a lot of people talk about how I operate in private. As long as you ask me, I will tell you all that I know. Don’t learn the words that are very hot on the recent vibrato. Do not dare to say!

In the next nine years, I will see the next wave of contract competitions. This time I will compete with foreign teams. Emotional friends can directly contact for nine years. There are many rewards and many benefits.

Now, most of the nine years have already moved to foreign platforms, and the public number will still be released every day.


Nine-year trading rules:

1. Distributed position and position

The funds are divided into several parts. No matter what the price, first build a warehouse, the price of the currency will rise, and then fill in one, then rise and then chase, make money to clear or clear part. If it falls, make up one, then make up two, and lower your cost price. When the price rises to the price of the first open position, clear the funds you make up.

2, timely take profit

When the market is crazy, when the world is chasing up, you must slowly drop out the chips in your hands in stages, and only the money into your pocket is your own.

How to discover small currencies in nine years:

1. Look at the trend of mainstream currency. It can be seen mainly by bitcoin, as long as it can remain in a bullish state for more than 4 hours, and it has been maintained for a period of time, such as more than one month.

2, to explore the opportunity of the small currency, mainly depends on whether the currency is stronger than the bitcoin in the trend structure, for example, in the rebound can be higher than the bit high, when the fall can be stopped before the bit.

3. Find more currencies in Condition 2, and then compare them horizontally, select those with stronger structure, choose to increase the volume, choose the time period for the callback, and the range is small.

4, look at the sideways adjustment cycle, if the adjustment time is long plus the trend structure then there must be a wave of rise.

It is recommended to join the nine-year camp community and enjoy more and better services, including but not limited to: the hands of the gods of the coin circle, real-time interaction with the god of the coin, analysts, assistants on the 12-hour online market analysis and technical teaching . In the cold winter, the group will warm up and let the world not cut the leek!

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