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What is WBTC ?

WBTC, aka Wrapped BTC (ERC-20) is the first BTC-backed token issued on Ethereum. WBTC is a BTC-backed Ethereum token issued jointly by Kyber, RenProtocol and BitGo, with an open and transparent issuance process, anchored to real Bitcoin 1:1. First BTC reserve address: [3D8DJLwUXFfZvE8yJRu729MZ8uLy25SuLz]( Second BTC reserve address: [3ANaBZ6odMrzdg9xifgRNxAUFUxnReesws]( WBTC has been supported in DeFi projects like Kyber, DDEX, Uniswap, IDEX and Airswap. There's also a merchant role to mint and destroy WBTC for users who passed KYC.

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