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What is USDx ?

USDx is the synthetic USD stablecoin (USDC + PAX + TUSD) issued by dForce. dForce is a full-stack DeFi protocol development team, with more types of protocols coming in the future in addition to the USDx stablecoin protocol. USDx = 80%USDC + 10%PAX +10%TUSD (Effective since 30-Jul--2020) USDx is a synthetic indexed stablecoin pegged into a basket of constituents at predetermined weighting, which is adjustable through on-chain governance. Common users can self-issue USDx through smart contracts. Anyone can use the protocol to mint USDx out of constituents, or get back a basket of constituents by disaggregating USDx through the protocol. USR (USDx saving rate) will be launched soon to allow USDx holders to earn passive yield on your USDx holdings. Latest public [audit report]( is provided by SlowMist and PeckShield. There's also a bug bounty program for USDx.

Location Beijing, China
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