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What is USD++ ?

USD++ is a hedged basket of Ethereum-based USD stablecoins, aiming to reduce the risks associated with holding stablecoins over the longer term in the DeFi space. PieDAO USD++ contains 4 stablecoins which have been weighted in such a way as to minimize price volatility for holders. Weightings are determined according to which stable tokens have the strongest peg, largest market, and greatest trust from the community. At present (2020-Jul) the USD++ basket comprises 47.22% USD Coin (USDC), 28.58% TrueUSD (TUSD), 20.42% Dai (DAI), and some Synthetix USD (sUSD). The USD++ pool is designed to hedge the risks associated with using Ethereum-based DeFi protocols, where DeFi users hold stable tokens over the longer term — exposing them to greater risks. Latest [public audit]( report is provided by Quantstamp.

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