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What is Uniswap V2 ?

Uniswap V2 is an enhanced DEX protocol built on the AMM algorithm and liquidity pools. Uniswap V2 is an upgraded version of Uniswap V1. You can only create ERC-20/ETH trading pairs in V1, but now you can create any ERC-20/ERC-20 as well, which is a large improvement. For example, now you can create a liquidity pool for USDC/DAI on V2. This is a big plus to help users reduce the trading fee. If you want to trade USDC for DAI in V1, Uniswap will exchange your USDC to ETH first, then exchange it to DAI, which cost you twice for the trading fee. Now it's improved in V2 and cost less. In addition, Uniswap also supports flash swap for arbitrage and reserves the rights to adjust its allocation plan for their charged trading fee. That is to say, the platform will charge a part of the trading fee along with the 0.3% allocated to the market makers. Overall, it's a big improvement for Uniswap's scalability, especially for its USDT trading pairs. Also, it makes the project more profitable for the team, which is a big step for Uniswap's future development. Uniswap has issued the UNI token for governance and incentive for LPs. Uniswap V2 has a [bug bounty program]( Latest [public audit report]( is provided by the DappHub team. There's no platform token issued in V2 so far. ⚠️ WARNING: Uniswap V2 does NOT have an official telegram group! Uniswap V2 only has an official Discord group!

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