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What is Totle ?

Totle is a decentralized exchange aggregation service that intergrates general DEXes and supports swapping interest-bearing derivate tokens from Compound, Aave, yearn and Idle as well. Totle splits swaps across multiple DEXs within one transaction to guarantee the best price, control price slippage, and optimize for exchange success. Totle also conducts mid-trades when there's less liquidity for direct swapping. In particular, Totle integrates interest-bearing derivate token swap. For example, if you want to swap your USDC in Compound for ETH, Totle will automatically redeem your cToken for USDC first, then swap them to ETH on Uniswap for you, which has lower slippage than doing it manually or swapping cUSDC for ETH on Uniswap. Totle hasn't issued any platform token and there's no public audit report found so far. You can check the [latest insurance cover]( for its smart contract on NexusMutual.

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