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What is TomoDEX ?

TomoDEX is an order-book-based DEX built on the TomoChain. TomoDEX is launched in May-2020 and is the first DEX powered by the TomoX protocol, which allows up to 150 relayers (exchanges) to create a liquidity network. Currently, TomoDEX supports spot trading and P2P lending. You can use the Tomo Wallet to create your account on the TomoChain. TomoDEX supports 6 spot trading pairs including TOMO/BTC、TOMO/USDT、ETH/TOMO, BTC/USDT、ETH/USDT、ETH/BTC. Its corresponding ETH, BTC, USDT are wrapped TRC-21 tokens swapped by the TomoBridge. TomoDEX is mainly governed by its core team and there's no public audit report nor platform token released so far.

Location Hanoi, Vietnam
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