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What is SashimiSwap ?

SashimiSwap is a fork of SushiSwap that introduces new tokenomics and vaults. SASHIMI is a deflationary governance token uses the buy-back and burn tokenomics. SASHIMI will be fully distributed through liquidity mining with no pre-sale, pre-mining and team shares. SashimiSwap charges 0.3% for trading fee: 0.05% goes directly to SASHIMI stakers. When you stake SASHIMI tokens, you will get the minted xSashimi which can be used to redeem the above 0.05% trading fee. SashimiSwap has implemented a vault to make full use of the LP desposits (ETH, DAI, etc.) to farm other DeFi projects. 75% of the yields will be rewarded to SASHIMI stakers. The rest 25% will be used to buy-back and burn the SASHIMI token. 0.05% of the total supply has been burned since the liquidity migration. The user-oriented vault is not publicly released yet. Latest [public audit report]( is provided by KnownSec.

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