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What is Plutus DeFi ?

Plutus DeFi is a full-stack DeFi aggregator. According to its official site, Plutus DeFi aims to integrate multiple DeFi applications into one single platform that champion privacy, anonymity and sovereignty in the long run. Plustus DeFi will firstly support lending DAI and USDC from Compound and dYdX. Consumers are supposed to deposit idle crypto assets using its privacy-enabled ‘Lend & Earn’ solution. Enterprises are supposed to reduce payroll costs with Plutus Payments that automatically distribute monthly salaries, expenses, and tokens at a click of a button. Developers are supposed to leverage Plutus’ DeFi-as-a-Service featuring easy-to-use SDKs and APIs to develop new streams of revenue and tap into liquidity for digital wallets and exchanges. The audit reports for its smart contracts are yet to be public. PLT token is the native platform token used in Plutus.

Location London, UK
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