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What is ParaSwap ?

ParaSwap is an on-chain DEX aggregator that combines liquidity from major DEXes. ParaSwap has aggregated liquidity from ParaSwapPool (its own liquidity pool) along with other major liquidity sources including Kyber, Bancor, Uniswap2, Oasis, Curve, 0x. ParaSwap will split orders among multiple DEXes to achieves the lowest slippage in one single transaction. That is to say, an order can be split to go through Bancor (54% vol) and Kyber (46% vol) together. ParaSwap is free and there's no extra trading fee charged by it currently. ParaSwap provides traders & dApps with a Plug and play API, SDK as well as a set of smart contracts for both off-chain and on-chain integrations and arbitrage. ParaSwap has released its V2 of "Multi Path" that improves many aspects of its aggregator system including slippage, API, SDK and even a Email price alert feature. Also, you can provide liquidity on Bancor through ParaSwap to earn commissions on every trade. There's no platform token issued so far. ParaSwap plans to release its audit report to the public soon. You can check the [latest insurance cover]( for its smart contract on NexusMutual.

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