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What is Opium ?

Opium is an universal and robust protocol to create, settle and trade any derivative. Opium Exchange is a place to hedge yourself in Decentralized Finance. Opium allows combining any oracle with any financial instrument. Every position is represented by a token that can be traded, sent or stored in cold wallets. Opium Exchange, built on Opium, is an open trading platform for virtually all derivatives including GAS options, synthetic pre-markets for any tokens and the newly supported binary options. Swap Rate is a platform built on Opium where you can hedge against or speculate on the interest rate fluctuations in DeFi lending and borrowing. Anyone can list derivatives on Opium Exchange via the listing form or freely create on top of Opium Protocol with only a few lines of code. Latest public [audit report]( is provided by [SmartDec]( **Warning:** A scam token called "Opium (OPM)" was listed on Uniswap. Opium does not have a native token at the moment!

Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
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