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What is Nest ?

Nest is a decentralized price oracle protocol using token economics to generate on-chain price feeds. Unlike ChainLink's token staking model, Nest try to incent miners and arbitrageurs together to provide the accurate price data to avoid risks exist in traditional oracle solutions. Based on Nest's design, you can act as a miner to participate in feeding price to earn corresponding NEST tokens. At the same time, if miners' price feeds are off from the market price during the validation period, arbitrageurs can buy the corresponding assets directly as an arbitrage play. However, arbitrageurs still need to provide their new price feeds. If miners' price feeds are not fully executed during the validation period, they will be used as valid price feeds for the final block price, and then invoked by third-party DeFi contracts for real use. Currently, ForTube and dForce are working with Nest and likely to be the first DeFi project to use Nest as its price oracle. Nest has issued NEST as its own incentive token. Latest [public audit reports]( are provided by SecBit. - More resources: [NEST DAPP]( a smart contract interaction tool based on the NEST Protocol.

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