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What is mUSD ?

mUSD is a synthetic USD stablecoin issued by the mStable protocol. mUSD is one of the mStable assets that unites a basket of similar whitelisted tokenized assets into an enhanced asset. You can mint mUSD by depositing any whitelisted USD stablecoin (USDC, DAI, TUSD, USDT). To celebrate mStable's beta launch, its stablecoin swap fees are at 0.1%. You can save mUSD in the mStable savings contract to earn interests. Basically they are lended to a diversity of integrated lending platforms (governed by MTA stakers) including Compound and Aave. mUSD is protected by the protocol token MTA which serves as a backstop for all mUSD and all other mStable assets. There's a [bug bounty]( program for mStable. Latest public [audit report]( is provided by Bramah.

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