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What is mStable ?

mStable is an asset aggregation protocol that unites a basket of similar whitelisted tokenized assets into an enhanced asset. The enhanced asset supports interest earning feature with pegging failure insurance. mStable's plan includes a fiat currency (mUSD), a commodity (mGLD) and a new Bitcoin-backed token (mBTC). You can mint mUSD by depositing any whitelisted USD stablecoin (USDC, DAI, TUSD, USDT). To celebrate mStable's beta launch, its stablecoin swap fees are at 0.1%. mStable has decided to use a new way (an auction on the Mesa DEX) to issue the Meta (MTA) token as its protocol token for acting as the ultimate source of re-collateralisation (insurance), coordinating decentralized governance and incent bootstraping of mStable asset liquidity, utility and a community of governors. There's a [bug bounty]( program for mStable. Latest public [audit report]( is provided by Bramah.

Location Berlin, Germany
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