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What is Matcha ?

Matcha is a DEX liquidity aggregator powered by 0x with gas discount. Matcha will find you the best price across various liquidity sources including 0x, Kyber, Uniswap, Oasis, Curve, and others. Matcha uses meta transactions, also known as gas-less trades to help you reduce your gas cost. Meta transactions enable Matcha to sign and authenticate transactions on behalf of you to pay for your gas fees. Matcha has also been experimenting with gas tokens, which allow Match to harvest tokens and lock in low gas prices to be deployed when gas prices rise. It is important to note that Matcha is not using these mechanisms on all trades. Latest public audit report is provided by [Consensys Diligence]( There's also a [bug bounty program]( for Matcha.

Location San Francisco, USA
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