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What is yearn (YFI) ?

yearn (rebranded from iearn) is a yield aggregator for multiple DeFi lending platforms that rebalances positions for the highest yield during contract interaction. yearn aggregates Compound, dYdX, Aave, DDEX and allocates user deposits to the highest yielding platform and gives back yTokens as proof of deposit used to withdraw deposits and corresponding earnings for users. yearn has partnered with Curve to launch the stablecoin liquidity pool: []( for yToken holders to earn additional interest as auto market makers which provides the highest stablecoin earnings in the DeFi ecosystem. yearn has released the vaults for yETH and yWETH. You can stake ETH to earn yields. yearn has already supported multiple stablecoins including DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, sUSD, BUSD. yearn has issued its governance token YFI. yearn smart contracts are covered by Nexus Mutual's [insurance]( Currently, yearn is still in the beta phase, and users need to be aware of the risks.

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