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What is IDEX ?

IDEX is an order-book-based DEX built on the layer-two O2 rollup solution. IDEX is one of the oldest players in the Ethereum DEX market since 2016. IDEX is about to release a fresh new 2.0 version in Jul-2020 with the help of its O2 (Optimized Optimistic) rollup solution. IDEX 2.0 will feature a fancy UI/UX, off-chain matching engine, layer-2 smart contract settlement system, and the ability to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. IDEX 2.0 will introduce new trading policies to prevent abusive bot behaviors including placing new orders to continually "one-up" other users without meaningfully affecting the price. IDEX 2.0 will also support advanced order types like stop-loss order for those experienced pro traders. IDEX has issued its platform token IDEX. You can stake IDEX to earn up to 50% of trade fees to partake and earn from the platform's success. Latest [public audit report]( is provided by Quantstamp.

Location Austin, TX, USA
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