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What is HUSD ?

HUSD (HUSD token) is the regulated USD stablecoin issued by the FinTech Stable Universal. You're required to complete the KYC verification to proceed with your operations on its official website. It might be a little bit confusing that the Huobi Global once launched a "HUSD (Huobi USD) solution" in 2018 (deprecated now) to wrap all deposit stablecoins (PAX, TUSD, GUSD, USDC) into its exchange. The current "HUSD (HUSD Token)" is an Ethereum powered stablecoin issued by the "Stable Universal" and "Huobi" is a strategic partner of it. Therefore, currently there's only one "HUSD (HUSD Token)" in the market and it's widely used in various trading pairs on "Huobi Global". HUSD has also been integrated by Tokenlon, dForce Swap and imToken as well. To ensure each HUSD is backed by U.S. dollars at a 1:1 ratio, a [monthly audit]( of HUSD is conducted by [Withum](

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