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What is Hegic ?

Hegic is an on-chain options trading protocol on Ethereum. On Hegic, you can buy the call and put options as an individual holder (buyer) or sell the call and put options as one of the liquidity providers. You can exercise at any moment during the period of holding a contract. Exercising is guaranteed by the liquidity locked on an option contract. For a certain token holder, if you are unsure whether the token price will drop in the next few weeks, you can buy the put option to protect the value of your assets. For a token trader, if you want to open a long/short position and buy/short exercise the token, you can buy an put (if you have longs) or call (if you have shorts) in order to protect the position from the potential losses. HEGIC is the native platform token. Hegic support trading paris for ETH, BTC for now. Latest [audit report]( is provided by PeckShield.

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