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What is Golff ?

Golff is an one-stop encrypted bank that provides yield farming, vaults, insurance and aggregated lending services. GOF is Golff's (global, open, light, fast, free) governance token with no pre-mine nor team share. "Farm" section supports depositing GXC, GOF, wETH, UNI-V2(GOF-ETH), DAI, WAL, etc. to farm GOF. "Vault" section supports depositing DAI, yCRV to farm other DeFi tokens, and any user can trigger a "harvest" process to convert vault yielding tokens back to GOF. Golff charges 5% of these rewards: 1% for harvest rewards; 1% for insurance treasury; 3% for the reserved fund treasury. "Insurance" section is a to-be-released feature that adds the aggregated farm and earn of the underwriting pool and the insured pool in addition to insurance, which allows the insurer to obtain additional income on the basis of their income, and also allows the insured a certain benefit by transferring some risks to the insurance pool. "Lend" section is a to-be-released feature that aggregates lending services from Maker, Compound, Dharma, dYdX, etc. to reduce user's borrowing cost. A non-collateral lending service is also in the roadmap. Latest public audit report is provided by [Certik](

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