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What is Gnosis ?

Gnosis is a permissionless decentralized trading protocol that enables ring trades for illiquid or "long tail" tokens on Ethereum. Scenarios in which token pairs have no liquidity on a given trading protocol or in some cases are not listed at all occur everyday. Although it may seem like only a minor inconvenience, this scenario has negative implications for the viability of open finance as more and more assets are tokenized, and those assets have no liquid market mechanisms. Mesa is the first DEX built on the Gnosis protocol and has been used for MTA's token auction. DXdao has also used the Gnosis protocol to build a decentralized prediction market called Omen. GNO is the native token of Gnosis. Latest [public audit report]( is provided by Nick Munoz-McDonald and Adam Kolář. There's also a [bug bounty program]( for Gnosis.

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