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What is FinNexus ?

FinNexus is a suite of open finance protocols including a fully decentralized options model. FinNexus refers to the "open financial connector" protocol cluster that applies blockchain technology to realize the interaction among assets, users and different service providers in order to meet the requirements of investment diversity, convenience and value base. In terms of landing, FinNexus focuses on financial derivatives and land on decentralized options. FPOv1.0 ( is a decentralized option protocol on both Ethereum (price feed from ChainLink) and WanChain (price feed from Band) that replaces the traditional options writer with the Multi-Asset Single-Pool Options (MASP), which contributes to reduced risks, and improves the flexibility of option buyers. FNX is the native token that will be used for platform decision making, management, revenue and circulation. Both versions of FNX (ERC-20 & WRC-20) share the fixed total supply together and 70% will be distributed through liquidity mining. Latest [public audit report]( is provided by Beosin.

Location Beijing, China
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