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What is Equalizer ?

Equalizer is an AMM DEX that introduces a self-adjusting governance token distribution plan. EQL is its buyback-burn model based deflationary governance token. 10% of EQL is set aside for team development, community incentives and better development of the ecosystem. The rest EQL tokens are all distributed through liquidity mining without pre-mine/private sale/public sale . The transaction fee is 0.3%: 0.15% is distributed to the liquidity provider and 0.15% is used to buy back and destroy the EQL. Equalizer introduces an exponential moving average (EMA) mechanism to calculate mining rewards based on existing and historical transaction data. It automatically adjusted every 6 hours to allocate EQL tokens proportionally to the volume of transactions from different liquidity pools. [Latest audit]( is done by NCC in Sep 2020, but the audit report is not for public download per NCC policy.

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