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What is DeversiFi ?

DeversiFi (previously Ethfinex) is a DEX using layer two solution (Validium) to provide scalability and privacy. DeversiFi, evolved from Ethfinex, is a independent DEX based in London. DeversiFi is powered by the StarkWare technology, brining instant settlement, deep liquidity, enhanced security and competitive fees to non-custodial trading. Using zk-STARK's privacy layer, it allows you to make anonymous transactions, and it also increases transaction clearing to 9,000 TPS (transactions per second). DeversiFi has issued the NEC (Nectar) token as its [community governance plan]( to incent holders with fee discounts, and empowers them, as necDAO members, to participate in the collective decision making and direction of NEC and DeversiFi. Furthermore, every week, up to 50% of the revenues from DeversiFi trading fees will be used in an auction type NEC “buy and burn” event, thus reducing the supply over time. Latest [audit report]( is from the PeckShield. Currently (Jul-12-2020) DeversiFi has a mutual insurance coverage provided by Nexus Mutual.

Location British Virgin Islands
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