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What is Dego ?

DEGO is a GameFi project that combines fashions like liquidity mining, NFT, etc. In "Stake" section, you can stake DEGO-ETH UNI-V2 LP, DEGO-UNI UNI-V2 LP, USDT, WETH to farm DEGO. In "Gego" seciton, you can usd DEGO to mint NFTs for celebrities like Satochi, Vitalik, CZ, Trump, etc. In "Auction" section, you can use ETH to bid for NFTs. In "NFT Market" section, you can use ETH to trade NFTs on its self-ran secondary NFT market. DEGO is the governance token. 2% of the transfer amount diminishes after each transfer: 1% is burned directly; 1% will be distributed as dividends for goverance participators. Latest public audit reports are provided by [BEOSIN](

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