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What is DeFiner ?

DeFiner is a platform for digital savings, loans, and payments. First, you have to use your email to register, then bind your Ethereum address to use its platform. In "Funding" section, you can choose ACH/Debit Card/Apple Pay to use fiat to purchase ETH and ERC-20 tokens with the help of Wyre. In "Savings" section, you can compare borrow/lending APR for common tokens. In "Loan" section, you can create offer for to lend/borrow common tokens. In "Swap" section, you can swap common tokens. In “Portfolio” section, you can track your corresponding on-chain portfolio. [Latest public audit reports]( are provided by Taka Security, Trail of Bits. The third round will be in Nov-2020 by Consensys Diligence.

Location Minneapolis, USA
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