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What is DDEX ?

DDEX is a decentralized margin trading and lending platform built on the Hydro protocol. Hydro Protocol is an open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges on Ethereum. DDEX uses a hybrid model decentralized exchange, with off-chain matching and on-chain settlement. DDEX uses hydro protocol as a solution for the front running issue on 0x. You can lend to earn interest by depositing tokens including ETH, USDT, USDCT, DAI. The interest rates on DDEX are set algorithmically based on supply and demand. You can also do spot trade and margin trade using up to 5x leverag on DDEX. DDEX uses a form of dutch auctions for liquidation events as additional layer of protection from price oracle failures. DDEX also provides limit and stop-limit orders for experienced users. HOT is the native token of the Hydro protocol. Latest [public audit report]( is provided by PeckShield.

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