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What is bZx V1 ?

bZx is a decentralized primitive protocol for lending, borrowing and margin trading. Fulcrum and torque are the two products built on bZx. Fulcrum is a DeFi margin lending and trading platform, while Torque provides infinite-term loans with fixed interest rates. [In latest release](, bZx has supported new features including flash loan, collateral management, gas token integration, order histories and liquidation engines. bZx has issued [BZRX]( as its governance token. BZRX is used by relays to collect trading fees and token holders decide how to upgrade the bZx protocol. bZx has switched to use ChainLink's oracle, and some platform commissions will be invested in a pool called the "insurance fund", which is designed to reduce the lost of smart contract vulnerabilities. Latest [audit report]( is provided by Certik and PeckShield (not public yet).

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