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What is YFII-BSC ?

YFII-BSC is a fork of Yearn (YFI) that supports new features including weekly halving model for yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. Generally, YFII-BSC mining mech is designed to be more friendly for retail investors than whales. YFII-BSC has implemented the YIP 8 that imitates the halving model of BTC so that the tokens will be fairly distributed to the community gradually in 10 weeks. YFII-BSC has launched its Vault as an one-stop yield aggregator for farming pools that implements highest lending APY strategy voted by the YFII holders. The Vault rebalances in batch to save gas for every individual investor. The Vault has no entrance fee and YFII-BSC charges 2% from the profit for future project and community development. More: - [Docu](

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