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What is BurgerSwap ?

BurgerSwap is an AMM-based democratized DEX on Binance Smart Chain. BurgerSwap does not have LP tokens, so there is low risk of liquidity being migrated to any other DEX. BURGER is the native token that distributed to liquidity providers for BURGER and BNB related trading pairs as incentive. To earn BURGER rewards, the corresponding BURGER pair needs to have at least 1% of the liquidity relative to the BNB pair. This helps wider usage of the BURGER token. To bootstrap liquidity of the BURGER token, the BNB/BURGER pair will have double rewards. Transaction fees are set at 0.3% on day one. All transaction fees are converted to BURGER and are sent to the governance pool. To be eligible to claim your share of transaction fees, you must stake BURGER tokens, and participate in voting once a week. 10% of transaction fees will be sent to the team account.

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