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What is Bella Protocol ?

Bella Protocol is an one-stop crypto bank incubated by ARPA that provides a suite of DeFi products. BEL is its governance token. 2% will be airdropped to ARPA holders. You can stake Uni-V2 LP tokens for BEL/ETH, BEL/ETH, APRA/USDT to farm BEL. Bella Protocol is positioned as a strategic move of ARPA's long-term DeFi blueprint. Bella's future roadmap has a suite of open finance products including: 1. Bella 1-Click: a smart portal for deploying assets on popular DeFi products with subsidized gas fees via Bella's custodian service. 2. Bella Lending: a decentralized lending product with support of LP tokens and structured finance products. 3. Bella Flex Savings: optimized arbitrage strategies across protocols for highest yield and support for multiple cryptos and stablecoins. 4. Bella Robo-Advisor: generating customized portfolio of indexes, yield-earning stablecoins, and other crypto assets based on user risk profile. Latest public audit report is provided by [PeckShield](

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