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What is Bancor V2 ?

Bancor V2 is an enhanced on-chain liquidity protocol that powers its AMM-based DEX. ChainLink oracle is used as off-chain price feed. Bancor V2 supports single token staking, moderating slippage, and mitigating impermanent loss. Bancor V2 help LPs maintain 100% exposure to a single token in the pool. An optimized pricing curve is used to reduce slippage to improve capital efficiency. Dynamic weights & fees are used to prevent value leakage to mitegate impermanent loss. Bancor has issued the BNT token as its reserve token and BNT is also planned to be used in liquidity mining and BancorDAO. Each Bancor reserve/pool is being capped at $500k/$1M. Latest [public audit report]( is provided by Consensys Due Diligence. There's also a [bug bounty program]( for Bancor V2. More resources: - [Bancor docu](

Location Zug, Switzerland
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